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Snow, coconut logs and badgers

walk: Dundreich Hill, Portmore Loch and Northshields Rings circuit
Ooft! What a day. Up and out to meet-up with my walking group first thing this morning. We headed for the Borders where the sky was overcast but not ominously so.

We hiked up, what turned out to be, the aptly named Dundreich Hill. Half way up, the gentle rainfall turned into even gentler snow! By the time we reached the top it was dangerously close to whiteout.

It is a favourite quip of mine that there’s no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing. Today my clothing (footwear at least) was pretty inappropriate. I haven’t really managed to replace the beloved boots that died in the line of duty while on the WHW.  The walking shoes I had on today were not up to the job and soon full of melted snow. Oddly, despite the heavy snowfall, it was warm on top of Dundreich. So, although uncomfortable, I wasn’t in any danger.

We crossed the top and slithered down the other side over snow-covered grass, stopping only to unceremoniously lob some boiled eggs down the hill. The snow stopped and the clouds thinned as we reached the bottom of the slope. By the lochside we found a wood with handy fallen logs for seating and stopped there for lunch. Boiled eggs all round for starters and chocolate mini-eggs for dessert!

The last stage of the walk took us uphill through some pretty woods, which must be stunning in the summer. On the summit we found the Northshield Rings hillfort, a ditch and rampart construction. From the fort we tramped back to Eddleston and The Scots Pine Tearoom – where I revived myself with mint tea and a coconut log (yum).

IMG_2231100 day geochaching challenge – Day4
cache: Badger View?
Throughout the walk today I’d been checking my GPS for nearby caches but never got closer than half a kilometre to any. So, when I got home I had to make a quick dash out to snag my prize for the day.

This was a fast and easy find on a lovely (although unseasonably cold) evening. There were no badgers.

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