Side-tracking and espionage


100 day geochaching challenge – Day7
cache: SideTracked – Edinburgh Waverley

I spent lunchtime tracking a multi but didn’t have time to bag the actual cache! Instead I grabbed one of the ‘SideTracked’ series on my way home… and learned another piece of Geocaching lore into the bargain:

SideTracked Caches are intended to provide quick Cache-and-dashes at train Stations: they don’t aim to show you a nice location but rather to provide something to do [for] travellers who may have a few minutes between trains

I really enjoyed this one, quick and simple though it was. I’m not sure why but there was something impressive about it. Maybe it was the shadowy location, with its shades of espionage and noir. Perhaps I have too much imagination  🙂

(Also, I learned that I should add a wee bottle of hand sanitiser to my caching kit)


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