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Silent movies and geocaches

HippFest Encore: Laurel & Hardy Triple Bill

I had so much fun today. First I went to the Hippodrome in Bo’ness for a triple bill of silent Laurel & Hardy short films:
  • ‘Putting Pants on Philip’ – this was apparently the first time Stan and Ollie were billed together. Stan plays a kilted Scotsman who’s mad for the ladies.
  • ‘The Finishing Touch’ – the guys build and then demolish a wee house, while annoying a polisman and an extremely violent nurse.
  • ‘The Battle of the Century’ – this recently restored short ends with an epic pie fight featuring hundreds of folk and thousands of pies.

All three films were laugh-out-loud funny. The triple bill was accompanied be live musicians on piano and drums. This was also my first visit to the the Hippodrome, a lovely, renovated cinema, first opened in 1912.

100 day geochaching challenge – Day10
caches: Foreshore, Treasure Island and R.C. Church

Another triple bill, of geocaches this time. The highlight was ‘Treasure Island’ a cache hidden on an actual, tree covered wee island. I had to ford the river and adventure around in the woods – so much fun!

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