It’s been a busy few weeks…

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100 day geochaching challenge – Days 15-35

  • Bathgate or Edinburgh?
  • Pot of Gold
  • Walk the line
  • The Afterburn
  • NRGP002
  • Watch out for Sea Urchins
  • Ignatius J Reilly
  • Can It Be Another Mystery at Alcee Fortier?
  • Bayou St. John
  • Military History Series – National WWII Museum
  • Woldenberg
  • Pirate Alley
  • Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop
  • Musical City, Musical Tree
  • SC2 Series: Poboys on 1st St
  • Constantinople at Gogar Church (redux)
  • Tradesman’s Entrance
  • All the King’s Horses
  • “Who, or What am I?” #2 (criminal intent)
  • Make it in Livingston – St Johns
  • Calderwood – 6 Holly Corner
  • Ian White’s Wood
  • Calderwood – 7 Not 01976 But under 002614
  • Calderwood – 4 Pylon View
  • Calderwood – 5 Stumped?
  • The Scotsman Steps
  • Dumbiedykes – Hutton Memorial Garden
  • Barclay Kirk (Rhinoceroses and Giraffes in Edi.?!)

For part of this time I was in America (yay!). In order to retain my streak I had to drag my pals along caching with me. At least one of them has been infected with the caching-bug (you’re welcome Maddy).

Also, last weekend I found my 100th cache! (yay!… again)


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