Film review: Présence féminine

I was fiddling around with IMDB just now and found a review I wrote years ago… for a short film I’d watched decades before that. Here it is (slightly edited for punctuation, etc.):

Présence féminine (1987)

A wonderfully funny and bazaar short film

A mysterious young woman arrives at a man’s apartment with two suitcases. One contains a collection of hands – living hands a la ‘Thing’ from The Addams Family – the other holds a synagogue complete with loads of little rabbis. Unfortunately for the man, neither hands nor rabbis care for him very much.

This wee film was my introduction to foreign language films in the cinema. I couldn’t have asked for anything more quirky and wonderful. There isn’t a lot of dialogue, it’s mostly visual humour (e.g. the hands knitting or doing each others nails) but it’s well worth a view if you can get your hands on it (see what I did there?).

I hadn’t thought about this film in years and never had the chance to watch it again after that first time… but we live in the future now and the internets holds all that ever was or will be. So, here’s my weird wee film if you’d like to watch it too. I hope you enjoy it (but don’t blame me if not).


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