Waldeinsamkeit: solitude of the forest

So, I’m almost three-quarters through my 100 day challenge. One of the best things about this has been the amount of time I’ve been spending around trees. It’s been a wonderfully therapeutic experience.

It reminded me of an article about a Japanese practice called forest bathing. It seems that being with trees is actually good for your health. Also, I recently came across the German word waldeinsamkeit: the feeling of being alone in the woods. There is an implication of calmness and contemplation. I fully understand this word right now.

Continuing my contemplation theme, yesterday I walked the labyrinth in Edinburgh’s George Square Gardens. It was a lovely experience – a walking meditation. It’s not far from where I work so it can be a regular lunchtime visit for me.

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100 day geochaching challenge – Days 53-72

  • Selm Muir Wood – No.4 Beech Avenue
  • Leyden stones
  • Selm Muir Wood – Beech Crescent East
  • Selm Muir Wood – Beech Crescent West
  • Selm Muir Wood – WhY Tree
  • Troll Under a Bridge – 01
  • Murieston – Night Comes In
  • Take a walk on the wildside…do, da do, da do
  • Candy Cat – Paws
  • Oakbank Village
  • Preceptory
  • Wallhouse
  • Crinkle Bridge
  • Peaceful
  • The Chapel Well
  • La distillerie Ecosse
  • Make it in Livingston – Retail
  • Jupiter by the Canal – Kirkhill Solar System
  • Challenge Anneka 1995
  • Yew’re Having a Laugh
  • Scots Pine
  • Waterloo Tower
  • Under Iron
  • Calderwood – 10 01002
  • Calderwood – 9 The Green Cave
  • Murieston – Wide Open Spaces – Bobbin
  • Engine Shed ?
  • Murieston – Afternoon Tea
  • University Library Rocks – Happy Birthday ECs!
  • Bing-O! We struck oil!

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