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Leave a light on

Tonight (and/or tomorrow, because the Celtic day ran from sunset to sunset) is Imbolg, a festival of light in the dark of winter. Normally a bright and hopeful celebration for me, this year it’s tinged by the dark and stinking spector of brexit.

Tonight I will lose my European citizenship. Against my will and due to the ignorance and bigotry of others. Today I am angry. I’m scared. But there’s that wee spark of hope that we have a way out.

Brexit and its resultant chaos have destroyed the status quo voted for in 2014. Scotland will now have a referendum on the new situation we find ourselves in:

  • Shackled to a chaotic, hateful UK, outwith the EU’s safety and support.
  • Or independent and free to choose our own path in the world

I have no doubt which path I choose.

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