Birds & Bees

It is deafening in my garden this morning! The birds are cheeping and the bees are buzzing. Just listen to them! (turn up the volume for the full effect): These guys are the only ones doing any kind of work round here today though. There's a thing or two I could be doing, but… Continue reading Birds & Bees

gaia-love, reviews

Inspired running

I ran 6k this morning. Before breakfast! I'm currently reading Christopher McDougall's book Born to Run. Not only is it fantastically well written, I'm finding it super educational and inspiring. I've long wanted to be a runner but struggled with fitness, stamina and motivation. I've started the Zombies, Run! 5k training programme a couple of times but dropped… Continue reading Inspired running


Hills, woodlands and cityscapes

17 days of caching from Glasgow to London. There were dinosaurs, dragons, knights... and a squirrel! 100 day geochaching challenge – Days 74-91 caches: Calderwood - 8 Murieston water dwarf's dawdles #2 - the mysterious knight Murieston - Elevenses Geo Months - May The Last Dinosaur Egg Liberty #19 Seafront Stroll ~ Cliffs Pavilion Meet the… Continue reading Hills, woodlands and cityscapes


Waldeinsamkeit, again

I spent another afternoon in amongst the woods - most of it trapped up in a big auld tree! It was a mini adventure. 100 day geochaching challenge – Days 73 caches: Wol's House Follie Follie Manganese (Mining Series) 2: Betwixt ('Be' at Beecraigs) 5: Befuddle ('Be' at Beecraigs)