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The waste hierarchy: Reduce & re-use before you recycle I posted this vid about re-using plastic bottles on FB today and my dear, beloved Maddy made the excellent and pithy comment, "Just stop buying them". Maddy is entirely correct. 'Recycling' has become increasingly popular over the last decades and, as a long (long!) time greeny, I initially felt that was a Very Good… Continue reading The waste hierarchy: Reduce & re-use before you recycle


#30DaysWild – EU Biodiversity and agriculture

Today at work I read this interesting post on biodiversity and farming from the European Parliamentary Research Service Blog Biodiversity and agriculture by Anne Altmayer, In its mid-term review of the Biodiversity strategy, the European Commission identified a continuing decline in the species and habitats associated with agriculture. It concluded that the strategy was not… Continue reading #30DaysWild – EU Biodiversity and agriculture