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The waste hierarchy: Reduce & re-use before you recycle I posted this vid about re-using plastic bottles on FB today and my dear, beloved Maddy made the excellent and pithy comment, "Just stop buying them". Maddy is entirely correct. 'Recycling' has become increasingly popular over the last decades and, as a long (long!) time greeny, I initially felt that was a Very Good… Continue reading The waste hierarchy: Reduce & re-use before you recycle

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A tidy mind

My house looks AMAZING right now! It's still odd, partially decorated and slightly shabby but it's almost entirely tidy and uncluttered. I consider that a personal victory. For years I suffered from clinical depression. As I struggled daily with the demon who moved into my brain and wanted to kill me, things like housework seemed even less… Continue reading A tidy mind

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Books read in 2016 – no.9 Wildwood by Roger Deakin

Wildwood: A Journey through Trees by Roger Deakin, 2007 This is a lovely book but very slightly overlong I felt. After the international, adventurous search for the Mother of All Apple Trees (!!!), the final few chapters felt like a bit of a slog for me. I also found myself getting upset on occasion. This is a… Continue reading Books read in 2016 – no.9 Wildwood by Roger Deakin

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Re-wilding Scotland

This. This is what makes me furious when I hear folk getting pissy about wind farm projects. Wind farms don't spoil the landscape you tubes. The entirely barren, treelessness spoils the landscape! Most of our beautiful Highlands are a desert of "managed" moorland, geared towards the breeding and killing of wild things - with a… Continue reading Re-wilding Scotland