Film review: Présence féminine

I was fiddling around with IMDB just now and found a review I wrote years ago... for a short film I'd watched decades before that. Here it is (slightly edited for punctuation, etc.): Présence féminine (1987) A wonderfully funny and bazaar short film A mysterious young woman arrives at a man's apartment with two suitcases. One… Continue reading Film review: Présence féminine

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Essays on Greek Mythology

I just found the two essays I wrote for a course on Greek and Roman mythology last year. I enjoyed this course so much, particularly the assigned readings and the writing of these essays. My arguments are slightly truncated due to lack of space (only so many words allowed) but, I admit, I'm pretty proud of them. So, I… Continue reading Essays on Greek Mythology

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In 2016 I resolve to: Love myself more and worry less Spend more time reading, writing, learning and making Spend less time binge-watching Netflix (maybe, possibly) Play my fiddle and (maybe, possibly) try singing in public Spend more time socialising with actual humans Be more yogic Be outside Just be I can't change or fix anything with worry. I… Continue reading Resolutions


The two languages of Scotland – Ootland

An excellent article about the two languages of Scotland - via Bella Caledonia  Ootland by Laura Cameron Lewis 16TH DECEMBER 2015 The offending word was circled in red pen: ‘outwith’ The note in the margin read ‘Do you mean, WITHOUT?’. A first class student for the past three years, I sat in my dissertation tutorial… Continue reading The two languages of Scotland – Ootland

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Stranger in a strange land: communication tips for travel

My dear Florida Mary recently became a European. Although generally loving it, she just had a somewhat disagreeable shopping experience in Germany. Misunderstandings, raised voices and unhappiness ensued. I urged her not to let the unpleasant episode sour her thinking. I've travelled a fair bit, mainly to non-english speaking countries. I've occasionally had similar run-ins but the vast majority of folk… Continue reading Stranger in a strange land: communication tips for travel