Film review: Présence féminine

I was fiddling around with IMDB just now and found a review I wrote years ago... for a short film I'd watched decades before that. Here it is (slightly edited for punctuation, etc.): Présence féminine (1987) A wonderfully funny and bazaar short film A mysterious young woman arrives at a man's apartment with two suitcases. One… Continue reading Film review: Présence féminine


It’s been a busy few weeks…

100 day geochaching challenge – Days 15-35 caches:  Bathgate or Edinburgh? Pot of Gold Walk the line The Afterburn NRGP002 STONEWALL Watch out for Sea Urchins Ignatius J Reilly Can It Be Another Mystery at Alcee Fortier? Bayou St. John Military History Series - National WWII Museum Woldenberg Pirate Alley Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Musical City,… Continue reading It’s been a busy few weeks…

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Kelvin Hall I was at Kelvin Hall for a work thing today. I visited the National Library of Scotland's new site there - what an incredible place. People can just wander in off the street and view thousands of digital resources, including the Moving Image Archive. The site also houses Glasgow Museums and University of Glasgow. I'd recommend a visit… Continue reading Partick