Over half way!!!

I spent yesterday (and a bit of today) roaming around the Bathgate Hills hunting for caches. I am now over half way towards my goal of 100 consecutive days of geocaching. Huzzah! 100 day geochaching challenge – Days 50-52 caches: Candy Cat - Little Paws Silver Mines Cairnpapple Hill Scotland The Quest - West Lothian The… Continue reading Over half way!!!


Beautiful day

I had a fun day at work then went out into the sunshiny woods for an even funner time. Today has been a very good day. 100 day geochaching challenge – Days 46-49 caches: Candy Cat - Topsy Turvy Gogar Goods 2 Lest We Forget - King's Own Scottish Borderers Hobgoblin's Revenge - Micro in… Continue reading Beautiful day

Books, outdoors

Fairytales and aliens

#amreading I'm currently reading Gossip from the forest: the tangled roots of our forests and fairytales by Sara Maitland. This is an interesting but confused book. On one hand it's a social history of England's woodlands, examining how people have lived in, and used the forests over the last thousand years or so. It is also a fascinating breakdown… Continue reading Fairytales and aliens


The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is 42…

...it is also the number of days I've been geocaching without a break! 100 day streak here I come. 100 day geochaching challenge – Days 36-42 caches:  Across the Presbytery Calderwood - 1 Loopy The Forgotten Picnic Table Make it in Livingston - Bridge Trains & Boats & Planes 2 Robert Burns - Edinburgh Make… Continue reading The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is 42…