Film review: Présence féminine

I was fiddling around with IMDB just now and found a review I wrote years ago... for a short film I'd watched decades before that. Here it is (slightly edited for punctuation, etc.): Présence féminine (1987) A wonderfully funny and bazaar short film A mysterious young woman arrives at a man's apartment with two suitcases. One… Continue reading Film review: Présence féminine

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Why I love my kindle

I am a recent convert to the world of ebooks. I bought a Kindle of my own just 8 months ago and, most surprisingly, converted completely and instantaneously to e-reading. I've only read two paper books since the start of the year! Why, I wondered, have I taken so wholly to ebooks? I had such… Continue reading Why I love my kindle


Glasgow 2014 – Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

OK, it didn't start well. Heinous unionist-puppet and media-slut John Barrowman - with his vile tartan suit and fake accent - riding his bus round Celtic Park and spouting pathetic stereotypes. I began to cringe... but then I saw the happy, dancing teacakes and I started to smile - I never really stopped. Official Commonwealth… Continue reading Glasgow 2014 – Commonwealth Games opening ceremony



Gaelic culture? This image is a bit crass - and the bunny has scary eyes - but I don't find it culturally offensive. Do you? My dictionary defines culture thusly: culture |ˈkʌltʃə|noun  the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively : 20th century popular culture.• a refined understanding or appreciation of this : men of culture.• the customs, arts, social institutions,… Continue reading Culture


Copacabana (Zombie version) – the audio If the player above doesn't work, click here to listen. I finally got round to recording my zombie song - the single greatest piece of writing I have ever completed! Obviously, this does not include my opus - the libretto to my opera based on the life and times of my neighbour Frank.  I still have several decades… Continue reading Copacabana (Zombie version) – the audio