Boaby saves the day

100 day geochaching challenge – Day14 cache: Greyfriars Bobby Earthcache Second attempt - and second failure - to find another annoying nano at lunchtime today. Still needing a find for the day I picked up this handy Earthcache I'd been saving for emergencies. Thanks Boaby.


Sunshine, panini and Morle

100 day geochaching challenge – Day8 cache: Father to Jekyll & Hyde This was a multi-part cache and, as noted on Day7, I spent yesterday's lunch break gathering up the waypoints but didn't have enough time to get to the final destination then. I headed there today in lovely sunshine, stopping only to purchase a panini for… Continue reading Sunshine, panini and Morle


Stone Age

"Ever wondered what life was like for people in Holyrood Park during prehistoric times? Who were these hunter gatherers? What did they look like? How did they communicate? How did they survive?" source   SURVIVING EIDYN walk,  11 September 2010,  Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Operated by Historic Scotland's Ranger Service this guided walk was the first in… Continue reading Stone Age



Rickshaws on the High Street This year I have resolved to take a much more POSITIVE attitude towards the city wide invasions which are the Edinburgh Festivals. They won't go away just because I growl at them so I may as well make the best of things *determined but ever so slightly insincere smile*. I got… Continue reading Festive


Winter wonderland

The tram-works are gone, the German market has arrived and the Xmas lights have been switched on. Princes Street looks glorious and people seem more joyful and relaxed than they have for many, many months. I shall savour the next few days, before the Xmas crowds arrive. The lights are one aspect of Xmas I… Continue reading Winter wonderland