A good day

I had such a good day today! I woke fairly early but had no reason to get up, so I just lay in bed reading til around 9am. I arose and pottered round the house, in and out of the garden, had a lovely brunch then pottered some more. At some point during the morning I found a Clan… Continue reading A good day

other stuff

More thoughts about introversion

I found another good article on introversion today - 10 Best Activities To Do With Introverts - though it should really be called '10 things for introverts to do mainly on their own'... These are so true for me. Single-player athletic activities? I enjoy yoga, hiking, running, cycling, skiing and geocaching - activities I can happily practice… Continue reading More thoughts about introversion

other stuff

How to be happy and healthy (or a close approximation thereof)

Here's Laci Green on healthy eating and body image: The diet she describes is quite similar to the one I've adopted over the last few years - especially the "eating mainly plants" part. It's been a bit harder, over the winter, to get sufficient in-season vegetation but I'm starting to increase veggies again (and decrease simple and processed… Continue reading How to be happy and healthy (or a close approximation thereof)