The story of me I just watched Emily Esfahani Smith's lovely TED Talk on how we can all live more meaningful lives (I cried a little). Emily says there are 'four pillars' on which a life of meaning is built: belonging; purpose; transcendence; and storytelling. Belonging This is kind of self explanatory I think. We gain meaning in our lives… Continue reading The story of me


Books read in 2015 – #17 – Tommy’s War

Tommy's War: a First World War diary 1913-18 by Thomas Cairns Livingstone, 2008 ISBN: 9780007285389 The re-discovered diaries of an ordinary man living in Glasgow during WWI. The book covers the period 1913-18. Thomas Livingstone is witty, intelligent and loves his wife and son very much. He often illustrates his diary with funny little drawings. I've… Continue reading Books read in 2015 – #17 – Tommy’s War

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Depression and how you can help – a short illustration

Here's a wonderfully sweet and simple illustration of how to support a loved one suffering from depression - 'support' being the operative word. Try to make them feel safe and show them that you love them. That may be all you can do - but it's a LOT! You probably can't 'fix' them or make them feel better but… Continue reading Depression and how you can help – a short illustration



Tonight is Samhain, the celtic festival of the dead.  A night to remember and honour ancestors and departed loved ones.  Traditionally, the celtic day began at sunset and ended at sunset the following day.  For this reason, when early Christians co-opted this feast day and invented Halloween, they followed it with All Saints Day to… Continue reading Samhain

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The sun came up around 4.30am and will set around 10pm. Jodrell Bank Tweeted: The Sun reaches its most northerly point today at 11:28 Universal Time (12:28 British Summer Time) - Happy Solstice! It is Litha, the summer solstice, the longest day... and I've already been awake for 24 hours. Feeling a little light headed… Continue reading Solstice