The story of me I just watched Emily Esfahani Smith's lovely TED Talk on how we can all live more meaningful lives (I cried a little). Emily says there are 'four pillars' on which a life of meaning is built: belonging; purpose; transcendence; and storytelling. Belonging This is kind of self explanatory I think. We gain meaning in our lives… Continue reading The story of me


The waste hierarchy: Reduce & re-use before you recycle I posted this vid about re-using plastic bottles on FB today and my dear, beloved Maddy made the excellent and pithy comment, "Just stop buying them". Maddy is entirely correct. 'Recycling' has become increasingly popular over the last decades and, as a long (long!) time greeny, I initially felt that was a Very Good… Continue reading The waste hierarchy: Reduce & re-use before you recycle


A tidy mind

My house looks AMAZING right now! It's still odd, partially decorated and slightly shabby but it's almost entirely tidy and uncluttered. I consider that a personal victory. For years I suffered from clinical depression. As I struggled daily with the demon who moved into my brain and wanted to kill me, things like housework seemed even less… Continue reading A tidy mind

travel tales

Camino Portugués – memories

A couple of my friends are about to begin their own pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. They're even following the same route I did, the Camino Portugués. My walk from northern Portugal to Galicia was, without doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. So many great memories, and such lovely people (some of… Continue reading Camino Portugués – memories



In 2016 I resolve to: Love myself more and worry less Spend more time reading, writing, learning and making Spend less time binge-watching Netflix (maybe, possibly) Play my fiddle and (maybe, possibly) try singing in public Spend more time socialising with actual humans Be more yogic Be outside Just be I can't change or fix anything with worry. I… Continue reading Resolutions