Waldeinsamkeit: solitude of the forest

So, I'm almost three-quarters through my 100 day challenge. One of the best things about this has been the amount of time I've been spending around trees. It's been a wonderfully therapeutic experience. It reminded me of an article about a Japanese practice called forest bathing. It seems that being with trees is actually good… Continue reading Waldeinsamkeit: solitude of the forest


Fröhliche Dönerstag!

100 day geochache challenge - Day1 Dönerstag 2017 - Glasgow I attended a Dönerstag event today. We met at WEST On The Corner, a fabby German restaurant in Glasgow. As well as enjoying some excellent jägerschnitzel I was inspired to start a 100 day caching challenge. I'm going to try to find at least one cache per day for… Continue reading Fröhliche Dönerstag!