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Kelvin Hall I was at Kelvin Hall for a work thing today. I visited the National Library of Scotland's new site there - what an incredible place. People can just wander in off the street and view thousands of digital resources, including the Moving Image Archive. The site also houses Glasgow Museums and University of Glasgow. I'd recommend a visit… Continue reading Partick



100 day geochaching challenge – Day9 caches: George Square and Hip Hoppets I found two caches while visiting Glasgow in the sunshine today. The first, on George Square, was very much out in the open. It was so hard to be subtle there. I took loads of rubbish photos of flowers to try and cover my search 😊 Just… Continue reading Weegiestan


Fröhliche Dönerstag!

100 day geochache challenge - Day1 Dönerstag 2017 - Glasgow I attended a Dönerstag event today. We met at WEST On The Corner, a fabby German restaurant in Glasgow. As well as enjoying some excellent jägerschnitzel I was inspired to start a 100 day caching challenge. I'm going to try to find at least one cache per day for… Continue reading Fröhliche Dönerstag!

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Arts funding and ‘The Glasgow Effect’

Creative Scotland posted some information today about the project Ellie Harrison has been given £15,000 to undertake. Many people are, understandably, upset for a variety of reasons but this post makes it clear it's intended as a research project - and quite an interesting one too, imo. The main problem seems to be with Ellie… Continue reading Arts funding and ‘The Glasgow Effect’


Books read in 2015 – #17 – Tommy’s War

Tommy's War: a First World War diary 1913-18 by Thomas Cairns Livingstone, 2008 ISBN: 9780007285389 The re-discovered diaries of an ordinary man living in Glasgow during WWI. The book covers the period 1913-18. Thomas Livingstone is witty, intelligent and loves his wife and son very much. He often illustrates his diary with funny little drawings. I've… Continue reading Books read in 2015 – #17 – Tommy’s War