A tidy mind

My house looks AMAZING right now! It's still odd, partially decorated and slightly shabby but it's almost entirely tidy and uncluttered. I consider that a personal victory. For years I suffered from clinical depression. As I struggled daily with the demon who moved into my brain and wanted to kill me, things like housework seemed even less… Continue reading A tidy mind

other stuff

The Grand Hooveration

I really don't enjoy housework. Ok, few people do but I usually avoid cleaning to the point of creating a health hazard. Instead I engage in periodic bursts of intense household activity - like I did today. It began with a much needed kitchen-blitzkrieg. Dishes, worktops - done. Next I took out the strimmer in order to… Continue reading The Grand Hooveration


Building a home

Here's another vid from Living Big in a Tiny House: Underhill - The Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House. As a fairly hobbit-like person myself, this is obviously going to appeal to me  🙂 I so wish I had a talent for building but I'm more of a small-scale crafty person myself (cards, picture frames and such). I… Continue reading Building a home

travel tales

Back to reality

What a day! My clock, unbeknownst to me, was still on Spanish time. I have, therefore, been at work since 7.50am and must have woken up at 5.20! Happily my lovely boss allowed me to leave early this afternoon. The day was otherwise pretty great though. Everyone was asking "How was your trip?" and "Did… Continue reading Back to reality