Re-wilding Scotland

This. This is what makes me furious when I hear folk getting pissy about wind farm projects. Wind farms don't spoil the landscape you tubes. The entirely barren, treelessness spoils the landscape! Most of our beautiful Highlands are a desert of "managed" moorland, geared towards the breeding and killing of wild things - with a… Continue reading Re-wilding Scotland


A couple of post-referendum, pro-independence purchases for my wee Kindle this week…

I haven't read either of these books yet but they look good, the authors are both made of awesome and they are sure to make fine and inspirational reading in the run-up to the UK general election in May... Wee White Blossom: What Post-Referendum Scotland Needs to Flourish (Viewpoints), Lesley Riddoch Luath Press (19 Dec. 2014) "Wee… Continue reading A couple of post-referendum, pro-independence purchases for my wee Kindle this week…

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Samhain – again

tumshie lanterns It's Samhain again already! Traditionally, in Scotland, the New Year was marked at this time. It's the end of the harvest period, the crops are in and winter is coming. It seems like a good time to look back at the past year to me. This year has been the best I've had… Continue reading Samhain – again

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History and histrionics

Tuesday was the 100th anniversary of the Britain's entry into WWI - the 'Great War' - the 'War to End All Wars'. Not a day for celebration, in my opinion. Rather a time to feel pity for the obscenely large numbers of young men who died horrible, futile deaths; to feel sadness that this was in fact only the… Continue reading History and histrionics

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Summer of #YES

Another beautiful walk/run home from the station tonight. Sparkling blue sky, fluffy clouds and just nicely warm. Perfect. I believe this is the best summer I have experienced in Scotland. Ever. Not since childhood anyway (every day was golden when I was a kid). Could it be that even the Scottish weather gods are looking… Continue reading Summer of #YES