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I attended the funeral of an old friend yesterday. Which was sad, of course, but the... I can't say 'service' because it was non-religious and 'event' seems too festive... the gathering was a celebration of his life more than anything else. On a slightly brighter note, it gave me the opportunity to meet some other… Continue reading Living

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Be careful what you wish for – part 2

The weather gods don't like to be mocked. They sent me a wind which, if it wasn't the Mistral, could totally kick the Mistral's ass. My little camp was well sheltered by hedges so I would have been fine if the wind had come alone. Unfortunately for me, it brought its chum Pouring Rain along… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for – part 2



Outwith the hellish month of August I embrace visitors to my city - almost literally. Whenever I see someone, map in hand - struggling to pinpoint their location or get a fix on an intended destination - I'm compelled to stop and give assistance. Occasionally they treat my offer with suspicion but most often they're… Continue reading Tourists

travel tales

Be careful what you wish for…

I'm stuck in Palma de Mallorca! The flight from Santiago was over an hour late and the gate for my connecting flight was miles away so I missed it. It seems I will have to set up home on this island... Later: Hurrah! I contacted my fine insurers who told me to "Do what [I] need… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for…



Today at lunch, I had a demonstration of karma at work. A woman at the next table started talking about how sick her baby had been the other day. Now, although not suitable restaurant conversation, I suppose that's fair enough. However, she then went on to repeat her vomit story at least four times -… Continue reading Karma