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Essays on Greek Mythology

I just found the two essays I wrote for a course on Greek and Roman mythology last year. I enjoyed this course so much, particularly the assigned readings and the writing of these essays. My arguments are slightly truncated due to lack of space (only so many words allowed) but, I admit, I'm pretty proud of them. So, I… Continue reading Essays on Greek Mythology


Self improvement through telly

I found this list on today. In the main, I think it is an excellent list and I already do almost everything on there. However, I very much disagree with number 7: "Stop watching TV". Obviously you shouldn't watch shit tv. That's fair enough. Don't watch trashy, mind-numbing, negative crap. That'll rot your brain for sure. But,… Continue reading Self improvement through telly


Books read in 2015 – no.s 10, 11, 13-16 – Greek and Roman mythology

Earlier this year I completed a MOOC (an online course) in Greek and Roman mythology. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It was well presented and entertaining as well as informative. The course followed a weekly structure of reading, video lectures and assessment. (I scored really well - which was a delicious boost to start… Continue reading Books read in 2015 – no.s 10, 11, 13-16 – Greek and Roman mythology



  I got 19/20 in my final mythology quiz! I have to wait until tomorrow to see how my last essay did (!!!) but other than that, the 10 week course on Greek and Roman mythology is finished. I've enjoyed this course so much, read some amazing stuff and learned loads. I REALLY enjoyed it so I immediately… Continue reading #happygeek

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I have just discovered iTunes U - an educational resource available for free via the iTunes store.  I love to learn and it's great to be able to do so while, simultaneously, lounging and twiddling online.  I'm currently listening to a lecture on Gilgamesh from Harrisburg Community College in the USA.  It is pretty idyllic… Continue reading Learning