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Kelvin Hall I was at Kelvin Hall for a work thing today. I visited the National Library of Scotland's new site there - what an incredible place. People can just wander in off the street and view thousands of digital resources, including the Moving Image Archive. The site also houses Glasgow Museums and University of Glasgow. I'd recommend a visit… Continue reading Partick

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Saturday was Doors Open Day in Edinburgh and we offered tours of The Library. It was jolly fun. I love talking about the Library's history and treasures. All of my victims seemed to enjoy themselves but I was only really telling them things I find interesting myself: Blah blah blah... 1532... Blah blah blah... Medal… Continue reading Tours

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Back at work today and what a jolly one it was too. I spent a good portion of the day trawling the interwebs and on the phone to the BFI in search of a screenplay from the 90's - not an everyday occurrence in my place of employment. However, my enquirers' wishes are my command.… Continue reading Monday

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On Thursday I visited the library and picked up a Dorothy L Sayers novel I'd never read before. It turned out to be set in the county of Dumfries & Galloway (D&G) and Kirkcudbright in particular. By coincidence I'd been toying with the idea of visiting D&G so obviously, I took this as a sign.… Continue reading Kirkcudbright

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St Andrews

Yesterday I visited the Kingdom of Fife. St Andrews is a pretty little town and the weather has been glorious. The picture shows the ruined cathedral which, I have been informed, once rivalled Santiago de Compostela in size and holiness. I had a lovely pre-breakfast walk down through the 'old course' and along the sand… Continue reading St Andrews