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Self improvement through telly

I found this list on today. In the main, I think it is an excellent list and I already do almost everything on there. However, I very much disagree with number 7: "Stop watching TV". Obviously you shouldn't watch shit tv. That's fair enough. Don't watch trashy, mind-numbing, negative crap. That'll rot your brain for sure. But,… Continue reading Self improvement through telly

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A tidy mind

My house looks AMAZING right now! It's still odd, partially decorated and slightly shabby but it's almost entirely tidy and uncluttered. I consider that a personal victory. For years I suffered from clinical depression. As I struggled daily with the demon who moved into my brain and wanted to kill me, things like housework seemed even less… Continue reading A tidy mind


#30DaysWild – To the rescue!

I saved another bee today... I hope. Walking down the High Street I noticed the poor wee thing sitting on the pavement. She was outside a tartan-tat shop with ugly plastic roses at the door. I guessed she'd wasted energy trying to harvest those faux-flowers. Anyway, at first I sadly passed her by since I… Continue reading #30DaysWild – To the rescue!

silly stuff

Recipe – chocolate peanut butter bliss balls

Oh. My. Goodness. Have you discovered bliss balls yet? I just made these amazing, tasty wee chocolate balls in about 10 minutes flat. They're super yummy but contain only good things (mostly). I started with this excellent recipe from Play Bake Smile but, as is usual for me, didn't quite have all the necessary ingredients. I'd rather not have added… Continue reading Recipe – chocolate peanut butter bliss balls