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Depression and how you can help – a short illustration

Here's a wonderfully sweet and simple illustration of how to support a loved one suffering from depression - 'support' being the operative word. Try to make them feel safe and show them that you love them. That may be all you can do - but it's a LOT! You probably can't 'fix' them or make them feel better but… Continue reading Depression and how you can help – a short illustration

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Paperman – a tiny retro romance

https://dailymotion.com/video/xzt3vb This is such a lovely film. It's made by Disney, in the style of their old movies (101 Dalmatians comes particularly to mind), but with modern techniques and cutting edge technology. It's like I've seen it before, but it's much more a feeling of nostalgia than any sense the film is derivative. It feels familiar in a… Continue reading Paperman – a tiny retro romance

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Samhain – again

tumshie lanterns It's Samhain again already! Traditionally, in Scotland, the New Year was marked at this time. It's the end of the harvest period, the crops are in and winter is coming. It seems like a good time to look back at the past year to me. This year has been the best I've had… Continue reading Samhain – again



We first met at the height of the Cold War in the the lowest dive in old Moscow town. We'd both pitched up, that fate-laden night, in the basement bar under Sergei Ilyanovich's chop shop. Hiding out and on the run, me from the KGB, him from... well, we never did finish that particular conversation... "Твои глаза, как… Continue reading товарищи