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Beinn Dòbhrainn (Ben Dorain)

My favourite part of the West Highland Way has always been the section between Tyndrum and Bridge of Orchy. I've walked that track a few times, and retraced it countless times in my mind. I don't know why I love it so much, there is nothing, no feature of the route, I can consciously point… Continue reading Beinn Dòbhrainn (Ben Dorain)



We first met at the height of the Cold War in the the lowest dive in old Moscow town. We'd both pitched up, that fate-laden night, in the basement bar under Sergei Ilyanovich's chop shop. Hiding out and on the run, me from the KGB, him from... well, we never did finish that particular conversation... "Твои глаза, как… Continue reading товарищи

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I don't normally look at my junkmail but this caught my eye (and I was reminded of it recently by a conversation with McHarg).  It's like a beautiful little poem.  Whether it was entirely computer generated or just badly translated, I don't know. Jovially for HoneyPunk The countess wept too Suggestion area: Slip Now Really your,… Continue reading Junkpoem



Focus on the bad things The lumps, the bumps, The towering ego Consider the inconsideration The constant non-consistency Focus on the dark side The man The moods The melancholy Focus on the bad things To smother and smoor The golden memory Of happiness and laughter Just focus on the bad things