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Leave a light on

Tonight (and/or tomorrow, because the Celtic day ran from sunset to sunset) is Imbolg, a festival of light in the dark of winter. Normally a bright and hopeful celebration for me, this year it's tinged by the dark and stinking spector of brexit. Tonight I will lose my European citizenship. Against my will and due… Continue reading Leave a light on


Litha, the Summer Solstice

Today is the summer solstice, longest day of the year, but so far it's been mainly grey and dreich. Rain and low cloud hardly encourage celebration. Even the birds are silent today. My house, normally surrounded by birdsong, is eerily quiet. However, the sun is out now and the birdies are starting to cheep. There's… Continue reading Litha, the Summer Solstice


Books read in 2015 – #19 – On the Trail of Scotland’s Myths and Legends by Stuart McHardy

On the Trail of Scotland's Myths and Legends by Stuart McHardy Luath Press, 2005 ISBN: 1842820494 An enjoyable and informative wee book, exploring Scotland's landscape and discovering its mythology on the way. I was especially impressed by the author's suggestion that historians and archeologists are missing a trick by not viewing Highland clan society as a fairly recent, and… Continue reading Books read in 2015 – #19 – On the Trail of Scotland’s Myths and Legends by Stuart McHardy


Birds, bonfires and Beltane

Happy Beltane best beloveds! It's that time again. Traditionally this is the start of summer but in practice I think Spring still has some time to go - in Scotland at least. We've had bluebells, primroses, daffodils and stuff for weeks but the trees are only just starting to bud. I am hearing a lot of birdsong… Continue reading Birds, bonfires and Beltane


Books read in 2015 – 6 and 7

6.  Wintersmith - Terry Pratchett, 2006 [Kindle Edition] Discworld #35 - Tiffany Aching #3 Tiffany is growing up. She may be a very capable witch ...but she's still a girl - and the land is in her bones. Pratchett's take on the cycle of the seasons just tickles my pagan heart  🙂 7.  I Shall Wear… Continue reading Books read in 2015 – 6 and 7