A good day

I had such a good day today! I woke fairly early but had no reason to get up, so I just lay in bed reading til around 9am. I arose and pottered round the house, in and out of the garden, had a lovely brunch then pottered some more. At some point during the morning I found a Clan… Continue reading A good day

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Stranger in a strange land: communication tips for travel

My dear Florida Mary recently became a European. Although generally loving it, she just had a somewhat disagreeable shopping experience in Germany. Misunderstandings, raised voices and unhappiness ensued. I urged her not to let the unpleasant episode sour her thinking. I've travelled a fair bit, mainly to non-english speaking countries. I've occasionally had similar run-ins but the vast majority of folk… Continue reading Stranger in a strange land: communication tips for travel

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No. That is really NOT okay!

I started reading this article just now. It's no doubt excellent, life affirming and all that - but I've had to stop reading. It started, shockingly, like this: “Excuse me ma’am, I really enjoyed your yoga class tonight. But I wanted to come by and tell you that as a yoga teacher, you need to lose weight.… Continue reading No. That is really NOT okay!

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Thank you Bella Caledonia for pointing this out - In their recent press statements about the 2011 census, National Records of Scotland (NRS) claimed that folk who said they speak Scots "didn't understand the question"!?! This is insulting in so many ways.  Chiefly - do they really think Scottish people are so stupid they don't… Continue reading Language

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A few weeks ago I rejoined the Scottish National Party (SNP). This decision followed weeks, months, of reading, thinking, discussion and not a little soul searching. I am not a political animal by nature - I am more free radical than party hack - but I feel a change coming and I want to be… Continue reading Nation