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Nie moje małpy (not my monkeys)

I love this Polish proverb - Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy (not my circus, not my monkeys). I admit part of the reason I like it is the first time I saw it (written in Polish) I understood it! I now know enough Polish to understand proverbs (yay me!). I also quite like the 'it's… Continue reading Nie moje małpy (not my monkeys)

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When Teo and me visited Poland recently we took a trip up into the foothills of the Tatras.  On all sides we saw thick, lush woodland, brilliant with the firework colours of autumn.  Villages of wooden houses speckled the landscape - most likely warmed by crackling wood fires.  I looked at this beauty and thought… Continue reading Treeless

travel tales


I am home from my first euro-trip undertaken by private transport. Unlike cars, the thing about trains is, they never get lost...  (snigger) Poznan, Poland I have to say, Poland (the parts I saw at least) completely exceeded my expectations: Poznan was gorgeous, the food was spectacular (yay golonka!) and the people I met were friendly… Continue reading Road-trip