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Re-wilding Scotland

This. This is what makes me furious when I hear folk getting pissy about wind farm projects. Wind farms don't spoil the landscape you tubes. The entirely barren, treelessness spoils the landscape! Most of our beautiful Highlands are a desert of "managed" moorland, geared towards the breeding and killing of wild things - with a… Continue reading Re-wilding Scotland


The two languages of Scotland – Ootland

An excellent article about the two languages of Scotland - via Bella Caledonia  Ootland by Laura Cameron Lewis 16TH DECEMBER 2015 The offending word was circled in red pen: ‘outwith’ The note in the margin read ‘Do you mean, WITHOUT?’. A first class student for the past three years, I sat in my dissertation tutorial… Continue reading The two languages of Scotland – Ootland

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Identity issues

I read this interesting piece just now and it reminded me of some matters I've been considering recently. I, like many folk, have become far more aware of transgender issues during the last year. This was of course partly due to the mass-media out-coming of Caitlyn Jenner but, closer to home, I also happened to become… Continue reading Identity issues

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More on selfies and sexism

Recently the young women of Alpha Chi Omega at Arizona State University felt the wrath of the interweb for committing a terrible crime. The sorority girls chose to have a laugh with each other (and to record that fun photographically) rather than to watch a baseball game!!! The sports commentators (a race of creatures I happen to despise on principle anyway) were… Continue reading More on selfies and sexism

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Greek referendum

Greece has voted όχι to austerity! I've seen folk on twitter all doom and gloom and "they'll regret it tomorrow" but the Greek people are already in shit and can't really get much deeper. Their thinking is: it's already bad, it might stay bad for a while but eventually things will get better - on our… Continue reading Greek referendum