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Leave a light on

Tonight (and/or tomorrow, because the Celtic day ran from sunset to sunset) is Imbolg, a festival of light in the dark of winter. Normally a bright and hopeful celebration for me, this year it's tinged by the dark and stinking spector of brexit. Tonight I will lose my European citizenship. Against my will and due… Continue reading Leave a light on


Re-wilding Scotland

This. This is what makes me furious when I hear folk getting pissy about wind farm projects. Wind farms don't spoil the landscape you tubes. The entirely barren, treelessness spoils the landscape! Most of our beautiful Highlands are a desert of "managed" moorland, geared towards the breeding and killing of wild things - with a… Continue reading Re-wilding Scotland

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Arts funding and ‘The Glasgow Effect’

Creative Scotland posted some information today about the project Ellie Harrison has been given £15,000 to undertake. Many people are, understandably, upset for a variety of reasons but this post makes it clear it's intended as a research project - and quite an interesting one too, imo. The main problem seems to be with Ellie… Continue reading Arts funding and ‘The Glasgow Effect’

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The two languages of Scotland – Ootland

An excellent article about the two languages of Scotland - via Bella Caledonia  Ootland by Laura Cameron Lewis 16TH DECEMBER 2015 The offending word was circled in red pen: ‘outwith’ The note in the margin read ‘Do you mean, WITHOUT?’. A first class student for the past three years, I sat in my dissertation tutorial… Continue reading The two languages of Scotland – Ootland

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More on selfies and sexism

Recently the young women of Alpha Chi Omega at Arizona State University felt the wrath of the interweb for committing a terrible crime. The sorority girls chose to have a laugh with each other (and to record that fun photographically) rather than to watch a baseball game!!! The sports commentators (a race of creatures I happen to despise on principle anyway) were… Continue reading More on selfies and sexism