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Recently it occurred to me that I have no idea who may (or may not) be reading this blog. I'm finding that thought a little eerie. Obviously I like to think I have hordes of avid readers... Hordes of quietly respectful readers who like to keep to themselves... However, there have been no comments lately… Continue reading Mystery

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Camino – Valença do Minho

This is my last Portugues Albergue on my last night in Portugal. Tomorrow I cross the Rio Minho into Spain. Things I'll miss about Portugal: The multitude of tiny fields where families seem to grow their own maize, vines and fruit trees The funny short legged, long bodied dogs and the tiny, delicate (and almost… Continue reading Camino – Valença do Minho

travel tales

Camino – Rubiães

I love this country! I'm sitting in the shade of this church, beside a graveyard, listening to crazy Portuguese music being blasted across the countryside. I don't know why it's playing. The folk tending graves don't look too happy. Later: It seems to be some sort of festa. A poster says it's for 'Nossa Senhora… Continue reading Camino – Rubiães