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Snow, coconut logs and badgers

walk: Dundreich Hill, Portmore Loch and Northshields Rings circuit Ooft! What a day. Up and out to meet-up with my walking group first thing this morning. We headed for the Borders where the sky was overcast but not ominously so. We hiked up, what turned out to be, the aptly named Dundreich Hill. Half way up, the gentle… Continue reading Snow, coconut logs and badgers



Gaelic culture? This image is a bit crass - and the bunny has scary eyes - but I don't find it culturally offensive. Do you? My dictionary defines culture thusly: culture |ˈkʌltʃə|noun  the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively : 20th century popular culture.• a refined understanding or appreciation of this : men of culture.• the customs, arts, social institutions,… Continue reading Culture

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Kilmartin Such a fun time in Argyll today. The early cloud cover burned away so, by the time we arrived at Kilmartin glen it was brèagha! I must admit, I was a smidge disappointed by the valley. I had been led (perhaps by my own, fevered imagination) to expect a landscape bristling with megaliths.  In… Continue reading History



Tonight is Samhain, the celtic festival of the dead.  A night to remember and honour ancestors and departed loved ones.  Traditionally, the celtic day began at sunset and ended at sunset the following day.  For this reason, when early Christians co-opted this feast day and invented Halloween, they followed it with All Saints Day to… Continue reading Samhain



Yesterday I read this extremely interesting article.  The  author Timothy Taylor suggests that human intellectual development is a product of our technological advances - not the other way around.  We didn't invent new things because we got smarter - we got smarter because the inventions helped us to evolve.  His book is called "The artificial… Continue reading Technology