Cats, pugs and tractors

100 day geochache challenge – Day3 cache: Trains & Boats & Planes Day 3 of my 100 day challenge - and Punkycat's first ever geocaching adventure! There weren't any boats but we did see a plane, a train and a tractor. There were also 3 pugs but we didn't like them *hissssss*



A few weeks of gorgeous sunshine followed by one week of constant rain has resulted in my wee garden looking like the virgin forests of the upper Amazon. Everything seems to have doubled in size since yesterday! Grass needs trimming and plants need pruning but the rain hasn't let up for days. So my wee… Continue reading Rainforest

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Sleep, sunshine and seasonal veg

I read this excellent article on today. There are some really great suggestions to help start your day better. I particularly like the idea of sending yourself motivational messages via your alarm label. Mine currently says "get up for work" - perhaps not the most uplifting wake up call. I'll have to think of something… Continue reading Sleep, sunshine and seasonal veg


Building a home

Here's another vid from Living Big in a Tiny House: Underhill - The Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House. As a fairly hobbit-like person myself, this is obviously going to appeal to me  🙂 I so wish I had a talent for building but I'm more of a small-scale crafty person myself (cards, picture frames and such). I… Continue reading Building a home


Lughnasadh 2014

Lughnasadh Happy Lughnasadh best beloveds! It's great to be home after my wee trip on the West Highland Way. I had a very quiet day today - playing with Punkycat, watching trash telly and scratching my multitudinous midgie bites (I now look like a Greyscale survivor due to the various patches of calamine lotion with… Continue reading Lughnasadh 2014