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The Grand Hooveration

I really don't enjoy housework. Ok, few people do but I usually avoid cleaning to the point of creating a health hazard. Instead I engage in periodic bursts of intense household activity - like I did today. It began with a much needed kitchen-blitzkrieg. Dishes, worktops - done. Next I took out the strimmer in order to… Continue reading The Grand Hooveration

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Fun factoids!

Here are few nuggets of tasty eco-goodness for you to chomp upon this fine April morning. Enjoy! The world's oldest woman - Lo Kah-Bon of Szechwan province, China - turns 142 today! Mrs Lo attributes her long life to the deep sense of calm and serenity she gains from her weekly visits to the local… Continue reading Fun factoids!

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Reasons why I love the interweb – no.109,008,097 – “Shia LaBeouf” by @robcantor

I'll just leave this here for times when I'm feeling down and need something darkly hilarious or insanely artistic to raise my spirits: This is utter, proper FABULOUS. I don't know who Rob Cantor is (yet) but I want to have his crazy little babies!


Copacabana (Zombie version) – the audio

https://audioboom.com/posts/369467-copacabana-zombie-version If the player above doesn't work, click here to listen. I finally got round to recording my zombie song - the single greatest piece of writing I have ever completed! Obviously, this does not include my opus - the libretto to my opera based on the life and times of my neighbour Frank.  I still have several decades… Continue reading Copacabana (Zombie version) – the audio



There was chocolate cheesecake for half price at the co-op today and I walked away! To reiterate: there was cheesecake - with chocolate - for cheap and I did not purchase (and soon thereafter scoff) said delicacy!  Not only that, I have consistently turned my back upon sugary goodness today - I am worried. picture source… Continue reading Sugar