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Silent movies and geocaches

HippFest Encore: Laurel & Hardy Triple Bill I had so much fun today. First I went to the Hippodrome in Bo'ness for a triple bill of silent Laurel & Hardy short films: ‘Putting Pants on Philip’ - this was apparently the first time Stan and Ollie were billed together. Stan plays a kilted Scotsman who's mad for… Continue reading Silent movies and geocaches


Gorse in the gloamin-time

100 day geochaching challenge – Day5 cache: 5 Sisters View This was a dash & cache for me tonight, just around the gloamin time. The soft slope of the auld Oakbank bing was bright with patches of yellow, both from the coconut scented gorse and from the patches of wildflowers (cowslips I think). It was a… Continue reading Gorse in the gloamin-time

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Snow, coconut logs and badgers

walk: Dundreich Hill, Portmore Loch and Northshields Rings circuit Ooft! What a day. Up and out to meet-up with my walking group first thing this morning. We headed for the Borders where the sky was overcast but not ominously so. We hiked up, what turned out to be, the aptly named Dundreich Hill. Half way up, the gentle… Continue reading Snow, coconut logs and badgers



We visited Glencoe Mountain today. I was Geocaching while Teo enjoyed the annual Midsummer Ski. I was impressed by the variety of activities taking place on the mountain around me. As well as us, there were mountainbikers, hikers, tourists, runners and paragliders. The sun shone on all of us and the mountain made room. Once… Continue reading Multifunctional


Books read in 2016 – no.18 The Monarch Of The Glen by Compton Mackenzie

The Monarch Of The Glen by Compton Mackenzie Published 1945 by British Publishers Guild (first published 1941) This isn't quite such a romp as the wonderful 'Whisky Galore' but I very much enjoyed the gentle satire in this book. It's surprising/depressing to learn that Scotland's political landscape hasn't changed that much in the 75 years since this book was published.… Continue reading Books read in 2016 – no.18 The Monarch Of The Glen by Compton Mackenzie