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You betcha!

It's hard to represent this pictorially but the thing that made me happiest today was talking (and thinking) with a Minnesota accent.  I'll admit it mainly went on inside my head, for my own pleasure - my colleagues were not so enamoured of the accent as myself... I watched the first episode of Fargo last… Continue reading You betcha!



We first met at the height of the Cold War in the the lowest dive in old Moscow town. We'd both pitched up, that fate-laden night, in the basement bar under Sergei Ilyanovich's chop shop. Hiding out and on the run, me from the KGB, him from... well, we never did finish that particular conversation... "Твои глаза, как… Continue reading товарищи

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Communication breakdown

I may, at last, be nearing the end of this mobile phone fiasco - I hope. Today I finally learned, after two weeks of phone calls, that the phone company (henceforth to be known as ARSE) believe I have somehow taken from them fraudulently. In the absence of any concrete information from ARSE, I can only… Continue reading Communication breakdown