We visited Glencoe Mountain today. I was Geocaching while Teo enjoyed the annual Midsummer Ski. I was impressed by the variety of activities taking place on the mountain around me. As well as us, there were mountainbikers, hikers, tourists, runners and paragliders. The sun shone on all of us and the mountain made room. Once… Continue reading Multifunctional


A good day

I had such a good day today! I woke fairly early but had no reason to get up, so I just lay in bed reading til around 9am. I arose and pottered round the house, in and out of the garden, had a lovely brunch then pottered some more. At some point during the morning I found a Clan… Continue reading A good day

other stuff

More thoughts about introversion

I found another good article on introversion today - 10 Best Activities To Do With Introverts - though it should really be called '10 things for introverts to do mainly on their own'... These are so true for me. Single-player athletic activities? I enjoy yoga, hiking, running, cycling, skiing and geocaching - activities I can happily practice… Continue reading More thoughts about introversion



Skiing is not a therapeutic form of exercise... not the way I'm doing it anyway. Hurtling down a mountainside with only the merest modicum of control; over featureless ground towards a landscape even less distinct; and surrounded by people with whom I could bonecrunchingly connect at any time... If nature had intended me to travel… Continue reading Skiing