Beautiful day

I had a fun day at work then went out into the sunshiny woods for an even funner time. Today has been a very good day. 100 day geochaching challenge – Days 46-49 caches: Candy Cat - Topsy Turvy Gogar Goods 2 Lest We Forget - King's Own Scottish Borderers Hobgoblin's Revenge - Micro in… Continue reading Beautiful day

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Fairytales and aliens

#amreading I'm currently reading Gossip from the forest: the tangled roots of our forests and fairytales by Sara Maitland. This is an interesting but confused book. On one hand it's a social history of England's woodlands, examining how people have lived in, and used the forests over the last thousand years or so. It is also a fascinating breakdown… Continue reading Fairytales and aliens


Third to find!

100 day geochaching challenge – Day11 cache: The gate to no where  I was only the third cacher to find this one! I'm closing in on that elusive FTF (first to find) - maybe one day soon. It was another lovely, bright evening in another local, yet unfamiliar location. The co-ordinates were off but I'm getting the hang… Continue reading Third to find!

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#30DaysWild – Sensations

I walked home through a smirr tonight, which was not wholly unpleasant, but I was greatful when friendly trees provided shelter as I passed. The fading flowers on a may-tree somewhat stunned me with, what I can only describe as, the stench they exuded! How can such pretty little blossoms smell so strong... and so bad?… Continue reading #30DaysWild – Sensations



My new car (Chorley) is like a sofa on wheels or a wee mobile house.  I'm currently parked in the woods curled up on the back seat reading my book and drinking tea. Sunshine is beaming in through the open windows and sunroof.  I hear birds singing, the creak of the trees and there's the… Continue reading Calmness