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Into the woods

Today I saw a little deer. That may not seem like much but I normally never see wild things, and I've managed to have three such sightings just in the last two days! Last night, as I walked at dusk, many tiny bats flittered around my head. Silent and speedy. Then today a large rabbit… Continue reading Into the woods


Sunshine, panini and Morle

100 day geochaching challenge – Day8 cache: Father to Jekyll & Hyde This was a multi-part cache and, as noted on Day7, I spent yesterday's lunch break gathering up the waypoints but didn't have enough time to get to the final destination then. I headed there today in lovely sunshine, stopping only to purchase a panini for… Continue reading Sunshine, panini and Morle

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Snow, coconut logs and badgers

walk: Dundreich Hill, Portmore Loch and Northshields Rings circuit Ooft! What a day. Up and out to meet-up with my walking group first thing this morning. We headed for the Borders where the sky was overcast but not ominously so. We hiked up, what turned out to be, the aptly named Dundreich Hill. Half way up, the gentle… Continue reading Snow, coconut logs and badgers

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Camino Portugués – memories

A couple of my friends are about to begin their own pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. They're even following the same route I did, the Camino Portugués. My walk from northern Portugal to Galicia was, without doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. So many great memories, and such lovely people (some of… Continue reading Camino Portugués – memories



I walked home through a smirr tonight, which was not wholly unpleasant, but I was grateful when friendly trees provided shelter as I passed. The fading flowers on a may-tree somewhat stunned me with, what I can only describe as, the stench they exuded! How can such pretty little blossoms smell so strong... and so bad?… Continue reading Sensations