Glasgow 2014 – Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

OK, it didn't start well. Heinous unionist-puppet and media-slut John Barrowman - with his vile tartan suit and fake accent - riding his bus round Celtic Park and spouting pathetic stereotypes. I began to cringe... but then I saw the happy, dancing teacakes and I started to smile - I never really stopped. Official Commonwealth… Continue reading Glasgow 2014 – Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

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You betcha!

It's hard to represent this pictorially but the thing that made me happiest today was talking (and thinking) with a Minnesota accent.  I'll admit it mainly went on inside my head, for my own pleasure - my colleagues were not so enamoured of the accent as myself... I watched the first episode of Fargo last… Continue reading You betcha!


EU ban on animal testing

flopsy bunnyThis time last year the EU's total ban on animal testing for make-up came into force. The deadline to phase out testing for cosmetic products was 11 March 2013. Since then, cosmetics tested on animals cannot be marketed in the EU... Yay Europe!It is for reasons like this that our membership of the EU… Continue reading EU ban on animal testing

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When Teo and me visited Poland recently we took a trip up into the foothills of the Tatras.  On all sides we saw thick, lush woodland, brilliant with the firework colours of autumn.  Villages of wooden houses speckled the landscape - most likely warmed by crackling wood fires.  I looked at this beauty and thought… Continue reading Treeless