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Inspired running

I ran 6k this morning. Before breakfast! I'm currently reading Christopher McDougall's book Born to Run. Not only is it fantastically well written, I'm finding it super educational and inspiring. I've long wanted to be a runner but struggled with fitness, stamina and motivation. I've started the Zombies, Run! 5k training programme a couple of times but dropped… Continue reading Inspired running


Springtime, geocaching and our close proximity to rodents…

According to Punxsutawney Phil we'll be having 6 more week of winter this year - but I reckon that's only about the weather. Imbolc has just passed so the light is changing, the days are getting longer and Spring is definitely about to start springing. Since I'm having the week off work I enjoyed a long, luxurious lie-in this… Continue reading Springtime, geocaching and our close proximity to rodents…

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Reasons why I love the interweb – no.109,008,097 – “Shia LaBeouf” by @robcantor

I'll just leave this here for times when I'm feeling down and need something darkly hilarious or insanely artistic to raise my spirits: This is utter, proper FABULOUS. I don't know who Rob Cantor is (yet) but I want to have his crazy little babies!

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Copacabana (Zombie version) – the audio

To celebrate the launch of my blog in its new home I decided to re-post something that really says something about me and who I am 🙂

In Louis' Wake

I finally got round to recording my zombie song – the single greatest piece of writing I have ever completed!

Obviously, this does not include my opus – the libretto to my opera based on the life and times of my neighbour Frank.  I still have several decades of work and toil before that epic is ready for the world… or, indeed, vice versa…

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Plan Bee

A while ago I bought this little house for solo bees and other small, flying people. No-one has used it yet, as far as I can tell. Coming back from my zombie run today I found this wee fuzzy sitting on a step, apparently exhausted. I scooped her up in my bunnet and carried her home.… Continue reading Plan Bee