About In Louis’ Wake

‘Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife’ by John Singer Sargent, 1885

So, you ask, who is this ‘Louis’ person anyway?

I named my blog after writer, poet, traveller and all round good guy Robert Louis Stevenson.

Since I read my first of his books – An Inland Voyage – I’ve felt connected to, and inspired by, Stevenson’s work. His methods and ideas of travel appealed to me deeply. His adventure stories entertained me. Then, when I found myself working in the very library where he had studied, I decided to fully embrace our connection.

It’s ‘Louis’ not ‘Robert’ because that’s how he was known to his friends and family – and ‘Wake’ because he’s dead… and because my first experience of his work was the story of a journey by canoe.

And that’s it. I bet you’re sorry you asked now   🙂


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