Waldeinsamkeit: solitude of the forest

So, I'm almost three-quarters through my 100 day challenge. One of the best things about this has been the amount of time I've been spending around trees. It's been a wonderfully therapeutic experience. It reminded me of an article about a Japanese practice called forest bathing. It seems that being with trees is actually good… Continue reading Waldeinsamkeit: solitude of the forest

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The two languages of Scotland – Ootland

An excellent article about the two languages of Scotland - via Bella Caledonia  Ootland by Laura Cameron Lewis 16TH DECEMBER 2015 The offending word was circled in red pen: ‘outwith’ The note in the margin read ‘Do you mean, WITHOUT?’. A first class student for the past three years, I sat in my dissertation tutorial… Continue reading The two languages of Scotland – Ootland


A good day

I had such a good day today! I woke fairly early but had no reason to get up, so I just lay in bed reading til around 9am. I arose and pottered round the house, in and out of the garden, had a lovely brunch then pottered some more. At some point during the morning I found a Clan… Continue reading A good day

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Stranger in a strange land: communication tips for travel

My dear Florida Mary recently became a European. Although generally loving it, she just had a somewhat disagreeable shopping experience in Germany. Misunderstandings, raised voices and unhappiness ensued. I urged her not to let the unpleasant episode sour her thinking. I've travelled a fair bit, mainly to non-english speaking countries. I've occasionally had similar run-ins but the vast majority of folk… Continue reading Stranger in a strange land: communication tips for travel

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Tha e Latha Twitter na Gàidhlig an-diugh!

It’s Gaelic Day on Twitter! Here’s a post from my Gaelic blog: Mo Bhloga

Mo bhloga

11148747_1092492197433367_2782035577203619448_nFeasgar math! Is mise Sìne Bheag agus tha mi ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig. Tha mi beagan Gàidhlig a-nis, ach ‘s toil leam e.

Rugadh mi ann an Dùn Èideann ach thogadh mi ann an Baile Dhùn Lèibhe. Tha mi a fuireach a Baile Dhùn Lèibhe fhathast. Tha mi ag-obair anns an leabhar-lann.

‘S toil leam campachadh, coiseachd, yòga, biadh agus deoch-làidir 😉  ‘S toil leam ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig, leughadh agus blogadh cuideachd. Cha toil leam ball-coise, cha toil leam idir!

mo phiseag a-rithist mo phiseag a-rithist

Tha cat agam. ‘S e Punky a th’ oirre, ach ise “Mo Phiseag” cuideachadh. Tha i snog agus tha gàidhlig aice!

Ceart ma-thà! Feumaidh mi falbh a-nis. Tìoraidh an-dràsta!

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