Books read in 2015 – no.s 10, 11, 13-16 – Greek and Roman mythology

Earlier this year I completed a MOOC (an online course) in Greek and Roman mythology. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It was well presented and entertaining as well as informative. The course followed a weekly structure of reading, video lectures and assessment. (I scored really well - which was a delicious boost to start… Continue reading Books read in 2015 – no.s 10, 11, 13-16 – Greek and Roman mythology



  I got 19/20 in my final mythology quiz! I have to wait until tomorrow to see how my last essay did (!!!) but other than that, the 10 week course on Greek and Roman mythology is finished. I've enjoyed this course so much, read some amazing stuff and learned loads. I REALLY enjoyed it so I immediately… Continue reading #happygeek

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Tha e Latha Twitter na Gàidhlig an-diugh!

It’s Gaelic Day on Twitter! Here’s a post from my Gaelic blog: Mo Bhloga

Mo bhloga

11148747_1092492197433367_2782035577203619448_nFeasgar math! Is mise Sìne Bheag agus tha mi ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig. Tha mi beagan Gàidhlig a-nis, ach ‘s toil leam e.

Rugadh mi ann an Dùn Èideann ach thogadh mi ann an Baile Dhùn Lèibhe. Tha mi a fuireach a Baile Dhùn Lèibhe fhathast. Tha mi ag-obair anns an leabhar-lann.

‘S toil leam campachadh, coiseachd, yòga, biadh agus deoch-làidir 😉  ‘S toil leam ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig, leughadh agus blogadh cuideachd. Cha toil leam ball-coise, cha toil leam idir!

mo phiseag a-rithist mo phiseag a-rithist

Tha cat agam. ‘S e Punky a th’ oirre, ach ise “Mo Phiseag” cuideachadh. Tha i snog agus tha gàidhlig aice!

Ceart ma-thà! Feumaidh mi falbh a-nis. Tìoraidh an-dràsta!

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I’m not broken – I’m just introverted

You know one of the greatest things about the internet? It taught me the concept of introversion. I learned, for the first time, the glorious fact that I'm not particularly weird or broken - I'm just more likely to feel stressed or emotionally drained by social interaction than other people. Also - most importantly -… Continue reading I’m not broken – I’m just introverted