My wee garden has just burst into life in the last few days. Beautiful, ostentatious and extravagant life. The cool colours of bluebells and lilac have been eclipsed by the bright reds and pinks of roses and peonies. Even the thyme is joining in the flower show. As well as these entertainers, the food crops… Continue reading Blooming!

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Recipe – chocolate peanut butter bliss balls

Oh. My. Goodness. Have you discovered bliss balls yet? I just made these amazing, tasty wee chocolate balls in about 10 minutes flat. They're super yummy but contain only good things (mostly). I started with this excellent recipe from Play Bake Smile but, as is usual for me, didn't quite have all the necessary ingredients. I'd rather not have added… Continue reading Recipe – chocolate peanut butter bliss balls


A good day

I had such a good day today! I woke fairly early but had no reason to get up, so I just lay in bed reading til around 9am. I arose and pottered round the house, in and out of the garden, had a lovely brunch then pottered some more. At some point during the morning I found a Clan… Continue reading A good day


Hugelkulture: permaculture gardening for hot, dry places (not Scotland)

Hugelkulture is a method of permaculture gardening that will hold moisture, increase soil fertility and maximise a growing area. It is an ideal place to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. I read about it first via the Food is Free Project (and Minga Verde) on Facebook today: "We love hugelkultur. We've had great success with our spiral hugekultur garden and didn't have to water… Continue reading Hugelkulture: permaculture gardening for hot, dry places (not Scotland)

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Sleep, sunshine and seasonal veg

I read this excellent article on today. There are some really great suggestions to help start your day better. I particularly like the idea of sending yourself motivational messages via your alarm label. Mine currently says "get up for work" - perhaps not the most uplifting wake up call. I'll have to think of something… Continue reading Sleep, sunshine and seasonal veg