#30DaysWild – To the rescue!

I saved another bee today... I hope. Walking down the High Street I noticed the poor wee thing sitting on the pavement. She was outside a tartan-tat shop with ugly plastic roses at the door. I guessed she'd wasted energy trying to harvest those faux-flowers. Anyway, at first I sadly passed her by since I… Continue reading #30DaysWild – To the rescue!



O great Tiw, bitter and vindictive god of Tuesday, you have surpassed yourself!  My day has been most unpleasantly busy and riddled with irritations and 'technical difficulties'.  New and exciting errors occurred in our systems and, towards the end of the day, a time consuming and yet achingly dull enquiry popped into my inbox. One… Continue reading Lists



Yesterday was what I consider to be, the first day of summer. It started out quite rainy but don't the gardens look pretty! As Tuesdays go, it was a good one. It was my first day back and began gently, with a morning training course run by my guru Mr DMB. As always his training… Continue reading Summer

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Back at work today and what a jolly one it was too. I spent a good portion of the day trawling the interwebs and on the phone to the BFI in search of a screenplay from the 90's - not an everyday occurrence in my place of employment. However, my enquirers' wishes are my command.… Continue reading Monday

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Back to reality

What a day! My clock, unbeknownst to me, was still on Spanish time. I have, therefore, been at work since 7.50am and must have woken up at 5.20! Happily my lovely boss allowed me to leave early this afternoon. The day was otherwise pretty great though. Everyone was asking "How was your trip?" and "Did… Continue reading Back to reality