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Reasons why I love the interweb – no.109,008,097 – “Shia LaBeouf” by @robcantor

I'll just leave this here for times when I'm feeling down and need something darkly hilarious or insanely artistic to raise my spirits: This is utter, proper FABULOUS. I don't know who Rob Cantor is (yet) but I want to have his crazy little babies!



O great Tiw, bitter and vindictive god of Tuesday, you have surpassed yourself!  My day has been most unpleasantly busy and riddled with irritations and 'technical difficulties'.  New and exciting errors occurred in our systems and, towards the end of the day, a time consuming and yet achingly dull enquiry popped into my inbox. One… Continue reading Lists

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It's rather windy at sea When I first arrived in Hong Kong the air smelled sweet with a salty tang. Today the sky was overcast and the air tasted thick with toxins. Faint from the fumes I fled the city, heading for the Sai Kung peninsula. I had some vague plans but as my trip… Continue reading Breathing



Yesterday was what I consider to be, the first day of summer. It started out quite rainy but don't the gardens look pretty! As Tuesdays go, it was a good one. It was my first day back and began gently, with a morning training course run by my guru Mr DMB. As always his training… Continue reading Summer



I hate Tuesdays. The worst day of the week by far. I’ve never had a problem with Monday, Wednesday is “hump day”, Thursday is almost Friday and Friday is…well, Friday (the weekend goes without saying). But Tuesday! The weekend euphoria has faded while any excesses have caught up with you. Meanwhile, you’re days away from… Continue reading Tuesday