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I am home from my first euro-trip undertaken by private transport. Unlike cars, the thing about trains is, they never get lost...  (snigger) Poznan, Poland I have to say, Poland (the parts I saw at least) completely exceeded my expectations: Poznan was gorgeous, the food was spectacular (yay golonka!) and the people I met were friendly… Continue reading Road-trip

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What a long, long, long day that was.  Up at midnight (by my internal clock), a 12 hour flight, 3 hours in Charles de Gaulle airport, then another hour and a half flight back to Edinburgh.  Including buses to and from airports and security procedures it was 22 hours of travel in all. Oddly the last short… Continue reading Home

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Oh dear - 4 hours ago I was weak and floppy with exhaustion and went to sleep. Now, at midnight, I am wide awake again... and a little bit hungry.In addition, dull and repetitive music seems to be coming out of my toilet. That's not normal, surely?I am in Hong Kong. I tried hard to… Continue reading Jetlag

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I've been thinking about the fantastic trip I made to the Shetland isles a few years ago. The journey didn't go at all according to plan but turned out to be more fun than I could ever have hoped for. I traveled, as I prefer to, by surface transport - train to Aberdeen then over-night… Continue reading Recollections

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Les Vacances de Mme. Honey I have wanted to visit Saint Marc sur Mer for a long time. For many years before I'd ever heard of it in fact. The reason is Jacques Tati's film Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot which is one of my favourite movies. One of the very many reasons I love this film is its… Continue reading Les Vacances de Mme. Honey